Second Church of God  

  "A Fellowship Church" 

WELCOME!!! Whether you are new to the area or you’ve been here all your life, there is a place that God has established for you to call home. It is a place where you can connect with God and others, a place where you can find encouragement for the real struggles of life, and a place where you can find clear guidance for whatever is ahead. This place is SECOND CHURCH OF GOD (SCOG). At SCOG we are not into labels, pretense, or even religion. Our mission is to love Jesus and people just like you!EL

At SCOG we are more focused on who we worship, Christ our Lord, than how we worship. Our style of worship is something, that we find, appeals to a multi-generational community. We teach the Word of God in a relevant way that equips you for all of life’s challenges. This equipping is done in an endeavor to help you become more like Jesus. You’ll quickly come to recognize that evangelism is a major aspect of SCOG; for the Bible declares “faith without works is dead”. So once here you’ll see how we reach out with compassion to the needs of people in our community and around the globe!

Upcoming Events (Click Flyer for More Information)